Meet the Girl behind the Blog

Sometimes you just need a break from
the books, y'know?  I choose blogging
My name is Allie, a girl who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and moved out west into the sandy hills where I've spent most of my life.  I am currently a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but I'm still not sure what I'll get my degree in.  Recently I have discovered a fascination with economics and marketing.

I could listen to music for hours on end, particularly classic rock.  If you like Creedence Clearwater Revival, let's be best friends please.  My favorite movie is either A Knight's Tale or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and maybe even The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I love sushi or a good chicken fried steak.  Don't even try to wake me up early, I am definitely a night owl.  I can't get enough of college football, especially my 'Skers.  My favorite place to be is in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

I have been off the market for over three years because of my best friend and love, Tyler.  We met each other the summer of my junior year, and we've been inseparable ever since.

I'm not sure what my dream job is, but when I get it, I'll know.  I just need to be somewhere I love, which is the country.  Money is definitely not the most important thing to me, happiness is.  If I'm able to have a job that allows me to live on a ranch, I'll be happy.  That is my dream job.

I really hope to make your visits to this blog worthwhile, and keep you coming back for more! :)

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