Monday, October 13, 2014


We now live in a world where beauty is determined only by the number of likes under their selfie.  We live in a world believing that we're limited to seeing the world via pictures on a screen.

"I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet."

That's an old Persian proverb that I'm not so sure holds true anymore.  A quote like that can really make you stop and think, even bring you down to earth and realize how good you really have it.  There are always people out there who are in worse circumstances than you. Way worse. But I feel as though that logic has been long forgotten in this highly consumerized world.  We want stuff, we want it now, and if someone has better, we want that instead.  There's a very important word in our vocabulary that you don't hear too often: appreciation.

And not just with materialistic possessions, but pretty much everything about life.  You can follow anyone you want on all sorts of social platforms now.  We compare our lives to the lives of others based on what we see them post to Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.  People only show the best of themselves on the Internet, which gives the false impression that they always have awesome fun things to do, and look hot doing them.

And I must admit, I'm definitely guilty of this.  As social media becomes more and more prevalent, I can definitely feel a change in myself.  And a change I don't like nor am I proud of.  I see the most beautiful people in the world everywhere I look, in advertisements, in magazines, on my feed as I scroll on my phone.  It makes me constantly evaluate every dimple, every freckle that resides on my body.  Every flaw or feature on my face that I used to overlook, is now magnified when I look in the mirror.  It makes me feel ugly.

There are so many studies that have been done showing a trend that using social media makes us feel unattractive, boring, alienated.  The more you use them, the more envious you get of other people and the "wonderful" lives they lead.

I even get jealous if I log on to bloglovin' and catch up on the latest posts.  First I get upset that I didn't think about writing that first, then I get jealous because their life seems so much cooler than mine.  They're better at writing than me, they're more creative than me, and their voice and look is all cohesive into one beautiful style that keeps me coming back for more.  Something I worry I'll never be able to have.

But then I think to myself, I can do that.  I really can.  I can see the world.  I can write every day, and get better at doing it.  I can learn how to become a better photographer.  I just need to be dedicated.  I can do that.  And who knows where this might take me?  And if it doesn't take me anywhere, what did I lose?  At least I can say that I tried.

If there's something you envy about somebody...their ability, their travels, their healthy lifestyle...go and do that yourself.  Teach yourself to be a better writer.  Go stay at hostels in Europe.  Go running every morning.  Master it.  Make it a part of your life.

That's exactly what they did, so why can't you?

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  1. I am so guilty of this. I often feel inadequate after a browse through instagram and end up thinking I am the only person on the planet not doing something super, uber cool. It takes a good bit of sulking and a constant reminder to myself that people are selective in what they post and noone is ever as happy and as busy as their instagram makes out!