Wednesday, October 15, 2014


These words are really important to me.  Not only because of the straight forward meaning that takes little thought, but the less obvious (and perhaps unintentional) lessons I take away from them.

Travel is probably one of the most if not the most life-changing thing you'll ever experience. That I believe.  Travel is fatal to the closed mind.

In today's world filled with racism and intolerance, experiencing the world is just what I think those people need.  There's nothing that that frustrates me more than bigotry and irrational hatred, and I think St. Augustine's wise words paved the way towards a cure.

Though we may be disconnected by oceans, mountains, and even language, we are all one people. We are all living on this Earth together, and regardless of religion or skin color, accepting that we are all the same is the framework for a better world and better global society.

A world that is no longer full of unfounded hate is exactly the kind of world I want my kids to live in. Understanding all of the different people and cultures is the first step in getting there.

Do you agree with what I take away from this quote?  What do you think it means?


  1. I love this quote. And your takeaway is such a refreshing, unique perspective. Thanks for sharing. Glad I stopped by today via Blogtober!

  2. Thank you Amy! I'm glad you liked my perspective :)

  3. Beautiful quote and very true!
    Travelling makes you a different person, in a good way.
    Meeting new people, seeing other things than most people see - and with that I mean; discover the smaller streets of the city/town, go to a local restaurant where most local people go, they appreciate it so much that you are interested in their country and culture,even if you don't speak their language.