Sunday, September 28, 2014


Australian raised Hannah Fraser is a woman who makes a living being a fill-time fish.
via Hannah Fraser's instagram

Recently I've been interested in the different ways people make their money, and I believe I may have found the most bizarre way someone does just that.  Hannah Fraser is a woman who has been training for years to be the world's best professional mermaid.

Her job sends her all around the world.  She's a model, performer, and animal rights activist, particularly those with fins.  She poses to raise awareness about ocean conservation, and hopes to inspire action to prevent overfishing, pollution, and sonar testing.

Her story really sets your imagination free, doesn't it?  She was inspired by the fairy tales she was told as a child growing up in Australia, and decided she wanted to become "a real mermaid."  She makes her own tails out of a polyethylene boards, and spends HOURS cleaning them.  It really shows you can make a living doing just about anything.

"The ocean is the birthplace of life on Earth, and if I can be a visual link to inspire other humans who have become disconnected from this amazing world, I feel I have done something worthwhile."

It really makes me sit back and think about it in childlike wonder.  Those kids who are asked what they want to be when they grow up, many girls respond "a princess!" or some other fairy tale being. They are laughed at and told they could never do that.  However, there is a woman who is making money being a professional Elsa (er, princess).  And this woman is making bank being a flippin' mermaid!  How cool is that?

For more information about Hannah, go here.


  1. People nowadays wants to be very unique in their thoughts and deeds. This is the best example for that. Good one Allie!

  2. How does she hold her breath for that long? How..?

    1. She's been training herself in deep breathing since she was little!