Wednesday, September 24, 2014


To this day, Friends is still my favorite TV show.  It can play on a practically endless loop, and it never gets old, it still gets tons of views every day, and it's still relevant and hilarious.  This post goes out to a friend of mine, who has never seen this amazing television series.  And if you haven't either, here's a list of all too real (and some hilarious) life lessons Friends taught us!

  1. Love is hard, love is fun, love is forever.
  2. Don't ever ignore someone because they were uncool in high school, they very well may end up with a PhD and be the love of your life!
  3. You should never let one bad time ruin your entire relationship.
  4. Don't let what people think about you affect you.
  5. Your first job will NOT be your dream job.
  6. Being on a break is WAAAY different than breaking up.
  7. If you get stung by a jellyfish, you should pee on your own leg.
  8. Never settle if you're unhappy.
  9. All it takes to become an ordained minister is an Internet connection!
  10. Work is not the most important thing in your life.
  11. Relationships come and go, friends are forever.
  12. Everyone has a lobster.
  13. Ducks and chickens do not make good apartment pets.
  14. You're never too old to dress up for Halloween!
  15. Just because you love someone doesn't always mean they're right for you.
  16. You can't run away from your problems, they might even follow you to Yemen!
  17. PIVOT whenever you carry heavy things.
  18. Your friends are the family you choose.
  19. Your happiness and independence is more important than a financially secure husband.
  20. It's ok to show who you really are.
  21. You means YOU ARE!
  22. There are always going to be setbacks when you're pursuing your dream - don't give up.
  23. Keep your work life and your dating life separate.
  24. Everyone has an identical hand twin.
  25. An Adam's apple is not named after each individual man.
  26. The best way to make someone laugh is to put a turkey on your head and dance.
  27. When getting a spray tan, don't count Mississippily.
  28. Run like nobody's watching!
  29. Money cannot buy happiness.
  30. Stay young at heart.
  31. Always make sure you're alone if you plan on doing something embarrassing.
  32. You'll do best at a job that you enjoy.
  33. A silent auction is not a contest!
  34. Make sure you say the right name at your wedding.
  35. Your friends are the first loves of your life.

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