Thursday, September 25, 2014


1.)  Temperature - This is something I was shocked to find (or not find) on a roommate-match form. They didn't ask what temperature you like to keep the room!  This is something I have found out the hard way, you NEED to decide on a temperature together, or there will be constant thermostat wars. Three of the girls who live in our room like it 65-68, while one of my roommates likes it at a hot 74-76!  Crazy.  So save yourself the trouble and decide on a temperature you can all agree on.

2.)  Share food - Very important.  You need to figure out if you're going to be kind of a potluck or an everybody for themselves kind of room.  If you all agree to contribute to your fridge, it's a lot less frustrating than coming home to find your food gone when you were expecting it there.  If you have a kind of food you only want for yourself, just write your name on the box.

3.)  Music volume - Unlike me, many people need complete silence to study.  Talk to your roommates about when it is and isn't ok to play some tunes.  This is also something I've run into trouble with, whether it be my own fault or my noisy neighbors.  I love my classic rock...loud.  So I told my roommates if I am ever bothering them, to not be afraid to tell me to keep it down.  Don't be like my neighbors upstairs, blaring there music until 3am.

4.)  Showers - Unless you live on a floor with communal showers ranching from 4-10 per floor, you will probably have one shower to share with three other people.  Talk to them about their schedules, and figure out who needs to shower when.  No one wants to go to school stanky.

5.)  Bedtime - I am definitely a night owl, and my roommates all like to be in bed by 10.  I told them that I prefer to stay up late, and they told me as long as I was quiet, it didn't bother them.  Make sure you figure out when everyone is going to be sleeping so you don't end up with a bunch of resentful roommates.

6.)  Guests - This is SUPER important.  You always need to let the people you live with know when you're going to have people over.  My roommate last year had her older boyfriend over every single day, which wouldn't have bothered me at all if we had our own bedrooms.  And if he/they didn't stink.  And if they wouldn't make out in front of me.  Not bitter at all guys.  Just talk to your roommates about it.  Don't be passive like me.  DON'T DO IT.

7.)  Clean up - Figure out if you're going to share all of the chores equally, or just clean up after yourselves.  I prefer the latter, but that's up to you and your roommates.

8.)  WRITE DOWN WHO BROUGHT WHAT - In college, there is no need for you each to have your own TVs really, we just share one in the living room.  But to protect your stuff, make sure you write down the serial number of anything of value you own BEFORE you move in, so if it goes missing, you can prove it was yours.  Or, if it is ever broken, whether by accident or on purpose, you can assure that you will get paid for the damages.

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  1. This post was great, i'm starting university next and i'll make sure to discuss this with my flatmates!